Vivax vCam-6 HD Inspection Drain Camera System
Vivax vCam-6 HD Inspection Drain Camera System

Vivax vCam-6 HD Inspection Drain Camera System


vCam-6 HD Drain Inspection System: Unleash the Power of Clear, Detailed Inspections

Discover the capabilities of the vCam-6 HD Drain Inspection System, designed to enhance productivity and profitability. With its 1080p HD camera heads, a spacious 1 Terabyte hard drive, and a four-hour battery life, this system delivers exceptional performance for professionals in various industries. Capture high-quality footage and images with ease using the one-touch recording and image capture feature, and take advantage of the camera exchange program for added convenience.

Experience versatility and reliability with the vCam-6 system, ideal for drainage contractors & engineers to inspect pipes or ducts to assess works prior and after repair. Produce crisp, detailed HD video inspections accompanied by audio comments, text descriptions, and date/time stamps to provide comprehensive reports to your customers. The system ensures uninterrupted operation with little downtime, allowing you to maximize your workday. Expand its capabilities with the optional Type-MX reel for smaller lines or the adjustable Type-B skid for larger inspection diameters.

Unlock the full potential of drain inspections with the vCam-6 HD Drain Inspection System, built to withstand daily use and deliver outstanding results.

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*Price is for the VC6-C200A-D34HDP-UK vCam-6, 60m of 12mm Pushrod, D34-HD