Finance on Drainage Equipment

Financing your drain jetting equipment can be a smart way to spread the cost of your investment and manage your cash flow. Whether you're starting a new business or upgrading your existing equipment, financing provides you with the capital you need to purchase the necessary equipment.

Our financing partners offer flexible repayment options and competitive interest rates, making it easier for you to manage your expenses and keep your business running smoothly. Additionally, our financing options provide tax benefits, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

It's important to work with a reputable lender who understands your industry and can offer you the right terms and rates for your needs. This is why HCM has carefully selected the best financing partners in the industry.

With the right finance package in place, you can invest in the equipment you need to grow your business.



For more information on our finance packages or to speak to a member of the HCM team:

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Business loans. Simplified. With iwoca pay.

With iwoca pay, you can spread the cost of your purchases over time, giving you more flexibility and control over your finances. The platform offers transparent pricing and no hidden fees, so you can easily see exactly how much you'll be paying and when. iwoca pay also integrates seamlessly with our invoicing system so you can spread the cost directly from your invoice sent by HCM.

Plus, with a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can manage your payments quickly and efficiently, saving time and reducing the administrative burden. Whether you're a small business looking to improve your cash flow or a larger business looking for more flexible payment options, iwoca pay is a great solution that can help you manage your finances with ease.








Finance on Lease

Get the equipment you need to build and grow your business with our pay monthly leasing options. With no balloon payments, zero fees, and low annual costs, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. We partner with independent business equipment finance brokers who shop around for the best deals. Contact us to learn more.

Leasing was set up under the consumer credit act. It is as an amazing instrument for businesses to allow them to claim back against their tax 100% of their payments. This tax relief can exceed the finance charge (interest), making leasing almost the same as interest free! So Leasing may well be the cheapest way to invest in new equipment for your business – after tax you could even pay less over the lease period than the upfront cash price. 


Why Lease?

Leasing is a smart choice for your business equipment needs. Spread the cost over 1 to 4 years, without using company cash. Get state-of-the-art equipment now and make payments as you earn it back. No bank loans required, and securities remain available for other financing projects. Enjoy fixed monthly payments and free up cash for other areas of your business. Plus, leasing is a tax-efficient way to finance your investment, allowing you to claim back 100% of payments under the consumer credit act.

  • Spread the cost of your new equipment over 1 to 4 years
  • Generate more profit from new equipment without using company cash
  • Free’s up more cash to invest in other areas of your business
  • Receive state-of-the-art equipment now and make payments as you earn it back
  • Invest without having to commit to a bank loan
  • Your securities remain available for other financing projects
  • Fixed payments – budget ahead with fixed monthly payments
  • A tax efficient way to finance your new equipment investment (see below)


Will I qualify for leasing?

  • An established business with good credit history
  • A new business with good credit score and a home owner
  • You know a home owner with good credit who will act as your guarantor


Please complete our online application and we'll contact you directly.

Please note leasing is available to UK residents only.

HCM Jetters / Jetting Services (North West) Limited acts as a credit broker and not as a lender, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and introduces credit provided by The Oxford Funding Company Ltd.



For more information or to speak to a member of the HCM team:

Call 01928 568 066 or email