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Cordless, rechargeable and powerful, MILWAUKEE® drain cleaners have revolutionised the profession, making it easier to reach places that traditional drain cleaning tools can’t. Browse our range of innovative sewer cleaning machinery and place your order today. The MX FUEL™ large sewer drum machine with integrated POWERTREDZ™ is the first battery-powered large drum machine in the world. It can be used by a single person and it employs MILWAUKEE® technology to clean drains from 75mm up to 200mm. The self-contained drum provides more protection whilst performing a job in and around fragile fixtures.

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With a fully enclosed drum, the M18 FUEL™ compact sectional sewer machine does a great job of containing sewage during transportation. This MILWAUKEE® drain snake is the world’s first of its type, and its small footprint makes it convenient to tackle drain cleaning in narrow spaces. The world’s first handheld drain unblocker tool on an 18V battery with automatic feed and retract, the M18 FUEL™ drain cleaner power feed 10mm eliminates electrocution hazards, gives users better command while doing a job and delivers exceptional run time and durability. Owing to its built-in backpack straps, the M18 FUEL™ free-standing drain cleaner 10mm allows you to carry your drain cleaner tool separate from the drum. This is especially convenient when working on roofs and crawl spaces. It has a drum brake that allows for better control and safer use. For all your drain cleaning needs, look no further than the MILWAUKEE® range.