Venturi Jet Pump
Venturi Jet Pump

Venturi Jet Pump

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Venturi pumps are powerful tools designed specifically for drain cleaning applications. These pumps utilize the Venturi effect, which creates a vacuum by forcing a high-velocity fluid through a constricted nozzle. As the fluid passes through the nozzle, it creates suction that draws in air and debris from the drain. This powerful suction allows Venturi pumps to effectively clear clogs and blockages in drains, providing a reliable and efficient solution for drain cleaning tasks. With their compact and portable design, Venturi pumps are easy to maneuver and can be used in various drain sizes. Whether you're a professional plumber or a homeowner tackling a stubborn clog, Venturi pumps offer a reliable and cost-effective option for maintaining clear and flowing drains.

Venturi pumps are not only ideal for drain cleaning applications but also excel in clearing flooded areas and handling large volumes of water. Their powerful suction capabilities make them well-suited for removing water from basements, construction sites, or any area affected by flooding. The Venturi effect allows these pumps to create a strong vacuum, efficiently extracting water and debris from flooded spaces. Their ability to handle large volumes of water makes them indispensable in emergency situations or when dealing with substantial water accumulation. With their versatility and high-performance features, Venturi pumps offer an effective solution for clearing flooded areas and managing water-related challenges. Whether you're facing a minor water issue or a major flooding event, Venturi pumps provide reliable and efficient water extraction to help restore normalcy quickly and effectively.

Comes complete with extractor head
Connection 1/2"M
Hose 5Mtr x 38mm
Minimum 80 Bar 7 Lpm
Extracts stones up to 20mm

Weight: 2.8500 kg

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