Remote Drain Jet Kit


The Remote Drain Jet kit has been designed to allow the user to quickly shut off the water when away from the machine. 

The kit comprises a 2-part Foot Pedal and reel system, however these can be used individually or together.

The foot pedal will allow your pressurised water to travel through when pressed, and immediately stop when released.

Similarly, the hose reel has a ball valve fitted to the side to stop the water from passing through the hose.

The Sewerjet 280 hose is a ultra-quality sewer jetting hose and will give travel of up to 70% more than a standard jetting hose.
This set is ideal for those working in rear gardens, or internal jetting.


Included in this kit

40M Stainless Remote Hose Reel
40M of Sewerjet 280 3/8" Hose
Water shut off valve
Dry shut foot Pedal
Pressure Gauge
Connection fittings
Pedal to reel connection kit