Quickshooter offers a quick and easy solution for smaller relining works in just a few steps

Load the impregnated liner into the Quickshooter and clamp the nozzle.
Align the nozzle with the pipe end (don’t forget to protect the liner with a piece of cal tube)
Connect the pressure to the Quickshooter and the liner will be inverted into the pipe.
The Quickshooter can stay attached to the liner during the curing process.
The Quickshooter is delivered as a complete kit with nozzles and all the necessary accessories to start using the Quickshooter

The Quickshooter is made of stainless steel and aluminium and is equipped with four carrying handles for easy handling

The nozzles are quickly attached with the V clamp, that provides a tight and safe connection.

For safety the Quickshooter is equipped with a pressure relief valve (1 Bar/14.5 psi)

Capacity of liner based on 4.5mm;

100mm 12m

150mm 7m