Patch Kit - 600mm Winter


The 600mm Winter Patch Lining Repair Kit: Complete Solution for Straight Pipe Repairs by Re-Tec

Ensure efficient and reliable pipe repairs with our comprehensive Patch Lining Repair Kit. This all-inclusive kit contains everything you need to carry out a standard 600mm long straight repair effortlessly.

Included in the kit are pre-measured bottled resin, high-quality fibreglass matting with a test piece, durable cable ties, a protective ground sheet, packer protector, resin spreader, tie wire, elastic bands, and nitrile gloves. Designed specifically for straight pipes, this repair kit works seamlessly with a lateral packer, ensuring optimal results and long-lasting performance.

Take advantage of this professional-grade solution to restore pipes with ease and confidence.

Professional Use Only - Designed for Trained Personnel

This product is specifically designed for professional use, intended to be operated and handled by trained personnel. It ensures optimal performance and safety in demanding environments.