LinerJet 150 has been specially developed for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes inside buildings and other places where it is difficult or not economical to use a big inversion drum or inversion tower.  Thanks to its small size and low weight, it is easy to carry and place at the work site.

The LinerJet 150 can be used to invert liners with diameters from DN100mm. up to DN150mm. The length of the liner that can be inverted is only limited by the working time of the resin used. (and what can be handled at the work site)

The multi adjustable mounting frame is easy to adapt to different conditions at the work site it is possible to tilt the LinerJet 150 almost 180 degrees from straight up to straight down and turn 360 degrees, the four legs can be adjusted both in height and footprint to overcome uneven surfaces.


Max. working pressure 10 Bar. (145 psi.)

Min. working pressure 2,5 Bar. (36 psi.)

Min. air consumption 600 L/Min. (21 CFM.)

Pressure to bladder 0-1 Bar. (0-14,5 psi.)

Pressure to liner 0-1,5 Bar. (0-22 psi.)

Weight of LinerJet 300 17 Kg. (68,3 lb.)