Horobin Drain Testing Kit For 4" Drains

Horobin LTD

Introducing the HOROBIN™ "Air Test Kit," the ultimate solution for pressure testing drains and sewers of 4" diameter. This comprehensive kit is designed to meet the standards of BS.8005 and EN1610, making it suitable for a wide range of pressure testing applications.

Included in the kit are two 100mm Super Nylon Test Plugs, a 'Y' Piece, Hand Bellows, 'U' Gauge Tubing, and a 'U' Air Gauge. With these high-quality components, you have everything you need to perform accurate and reliable pressure tests.

The HOROBIN™ "Air Test Kit" stands out with its superior design and exceptional quality, ensuring ease of use and consistent performance. Rest assured that you are investing in a product that meets the highest standards and delivers reliable results.

Trust in the guaranteed quality of Horobin, a renowned brand in the industry, and have confidence in your pressure testing operations.

Horobin guaranteed quality.