HCM Vanguard 23 3000PSI@35LPM


HCM PowerPlates will fit directly on any of our PowerPlate system jetting units and come complete with pump, gearbox, water filter and L - Ported valve.


If your upgrading your existing HCM PowerPlate, New calibrated jets will be supplied for the PowerPlate Purchased.


Vanguard Vtwin PowerPlate with integrated fuel tank


  • 3000PSI @ 35LPM
  • Key start Vtwin
  • Gearbox driven pump
  • 1" Plastic Water Filter
  • Ready to install on to 350,500 and 800L PowerPlate systems


The Vanguard Vtwin 35L PowerPlate is ideal for general drain cleaning along with pressure wash applications, its also become a customer favourite for its ability to maximise the 3/8" hose.


For drain jetting this spec works best with 3/8" Hose.