HCM 'Obliterator' Drain Jetting Nozzle

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HCM Jetters

Designed to power it's way through Aco drainage or Roots with a powerful reverse thrust spinning turbo jet and paving it's way up the line with an adjustable jet point to the forward. This will make light work of aco channel and root clearing.

Unleash the unstoppable force of our Drain Jet! With its powerful reverse thrust spinning turbo jet, it effortlessly tackles Aco drainage and stubborn roots. Its adjustable jet point facing forward, effortlessly paving the way. Say goodbye to back breaking Aco channel and root blockages and hello to smooth-flowing systems.

This cutting-edge equipment, (quite literally) (more about that below) with its robust construction and advanced technology ensure maximum performance and durability. Trust our powerful Obliterator Drain Jet to get the job done effectively and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Capable of effortlessly slicing through even the toughest obstacles, including a solid wood pallet. Yes thats right, we tested it in store, it cut directly through a wooden pallet. This exceptional equipment harnesses the force of high-pressure water to deliver unparalleled cutting performance, allowing it to swiftly and effectively clear blockages and debris from drains and pipes. 

Fitted with a 1/2" inlet, if you require another size inlet (3/8", 1/4") please call 01928 568 066 to notify us and we can change FOC

Please input pressure and flow so the correct nozzle can be calibrated for your unit before purchase or call our sales team on 01928 568 066


Please call 01928 568066 for nozzle size availability