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'Step into a new era of drain jetting efficiency and innovation with the HCM 800 Series'


Efficiency in Compact Design

Introducing the HCM 800 Series Jetting Unit, the flagship model within our high-pressure petrol jetting range. This high-pressure hero is meticulously engineered and designed with a touch of style, fitting comfortably into medium and larger vans with a width of just 1100mm.

Raw Power for Unmatched Performance

Prepare for a revolution in the world of high-pressure jetting units. The 800 Series is an all-encompassing solution equipped with raw power to conquer any challenge. It excels in tasks ranging from drain cleaning to graffiti and stone cleaning, root cutting, surface preparation, and thorough cleanup.


Versatility with Available Attachments

Embrace a world of versatility and adaptability. The 800 Series offers a range of available attachments that transform it into a comprehensive workhorse, suitable for various applications.


Seamless Wireless Control

Take control and personalize your experience with the wireless remote option. This system grants you complete control and safety. With rapid water shut-off in just 0.003 seconds from a button press, you'll effortlessly manage throttle movements, flow control, reel operations, and engine stop functionality with precision.


Enhance Your System with Options

Elevate your jetting unit with a variety of optional extras, including Wireless Remote, Fill reel, Electric rewind add-ons for either or both reels, 3/4" fast fill hose, and more.


Witness Efficiency and Innovation Unleashed

Prepare to witness the pinnacle of efficiency and innovation - the HCM 800 Series Jetting Unit. Here, raw power and precision come together to deliver unmatched performance, setting new standards in the world of high-pressure jetting units. Say hello to a new era of high-pressure jetting with HCM.


Tailored Add-Ons and Options

Elevate your drain jetting experience with optional extras, including Wireless Remote, Fill reel, Electric rewind add-ons for either or both reels, Nozzle holders, 3/4" fast fill hose, and an Antifreeze System. Choose from a range of appealing color options to suit your preferences and requirements.


Your Path to Ownership

Exploring the HCM 500 Series Drain Jetter has never been easier. Visit any of our HCM Stores or connect with our dedicated HCM team to view and experience this powerful cleaning solution firsthand.

For those eager to witness the HCM 500 Series in action, we offer personalized demonstrations. To schedule a demo, simply reach out to us via email at sales@hcmjetters.co.uk or give us a call on 01928 568066


Simplified Financing

 We've partnered with reputable lenders to provide you and your business with versatile financing options. Whether you're looking at a term of 3 months or 5 years, prefer a zero deposit or an interest-free plan, we've got you covered. Get in touch, and we'll guide you through the financing choices customized to suit your specific requirements


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