HCM Jetters

Fixer 12 Mechanical Drain Cleaner


The Fixer 12 is available to view and demo in store, or via our HCM on the road team

To book a demo please call 01928 568066 or email sales@hcmjetters.co.uk



Fixer 12 is a high speed cleaning machine.

It can be used for cleaning, grinding, drilling and coating.

Big puncture proof wheels make the Fixer 12 easily movable in every environment, even on stairs.

Electrical safety clutch protects the operator, machine, cable and rotating tool.

Fixer 12 is more powerful, faster, lighter and safer than other similar products on the market.


Size: (cm/inches) 131 x 45 x 111 cm/51.57 x 17.72 x 43.70 in

Weight: (Kg/lb)

Without Cable 64.5 Kg / 142 lb

With Cable 90 Kg/198 lb

Cable: Cable Diameter (mm/inches) 12/0.47 Flexible cable with outer casing. Cable Length: (m/ft) 31/101.7

Rotating max speed: (RPM) 2250.

Voltage and power rating: 240v/1.1 kw (V/kw).

Input: Electric, single phase, Input 240vVAC/50/12A.

Diameter Pipes: (mm/inches) DN100-250/4-10

Other technical information:

  • Adjustable speed control.
  • Direction switch.
  • Foot pedal.
  • Emergency Stop.
  • Electronic Safety Switch.
  • PU foam wheels, diameter 400mm.
  • Robust steel frame.