BSP Cone Plug / Male Blanker


Our Male Blanking Plug for High Pressure Water Jetting nozzles is an essential component for drain jetting operations. Designed specifically for use with drain jetting nozzles, this fitting ensures a secure and reliable blanker. It effectively seals off unused ports, preventing water leakage and optimizing the performance of the jetting system. Used to replace unwanted forward jets on HCM Manufactured Drain Jets. Crafted from high-quality materials, this plug offers exceptional durability and resistance to high-pressure water. With its easy installation and reliable functionality, it is a must-have accessory for any drain jetting setup.

BSP male thread - Plated steel hydraulic fitting
60° cone (BS5200)

1/4" - 450 Bar working pressure 675 Bar proof pressure

3/8" - 380 Bar working pressure 570 Bar proof pressure

1/2" - 310 Bar working pressure 465 Bar proof pressure

3/4" - 240 Bar working pressure 360 Bar proof pressure

1" - 210 Bar working pressure 315 Bar proof pressure