6" Universal Drain Plunger

Horobin LTD

6" Universal Drain Plunger for use with Universal Drain Rods (sold separately)

6" Universal Rubber Plunger, the ultimate solution for removing stubborn blockages with ease. Harness the force of water pressure to dislodge unwanted debris and restore the smooth flow of liquids in your pipes and conduits.

With just a few simple movements, this powerful rubber plunger creates a vacuum effect that effectively clears blockages. Let the movement of water assist in freeing the obstruction for a hassle-free unclogging experience.

Designed for convenience, our circular plunger features a threaded end that seamlessly attaches to your drain rod. Crafted from flexible and long-lasting rubber, it offers two key advantages. Firstly, it provides a snug fit over the drain, ensuring optimal sealing. Secondly, it guarantees long-term durability, so you can rely on its performance for years to come. Additionally, its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry and a breeze to use.

This versatile tool measures a compact 6"/15cm in diameter, making it suitable for most standard domestic and industrial drains and outlets.