4'' Lockfast Drain Plunger
4'' Lockfast Drain Plunger

4" Lockfast Drain Plunger

Horobin LTD

4" Lockfast Drain Plunger, the perfect companion for your Lockfast Drain Rods (sold separately) when tackling drain blockages. This drain plunger is specifically designed for effective and efficient clearing of 4" diameter drains, ensuring smooth and hassle-free drainage.

Crafted with durable materials, the Lockfast Drain Plunger offers reliability and long-lasting performance. Its robust construction allows for optimal force and pressure application, effectively dislodging stubborn blockages and restoring proper flow.

The Lockfast system operates on a unique locking mechanism, allowing the drain plunger to securely attach to Lockfast Drain Rods. With a simple twist and lock action, the plunger locks onto the rod, creating a sturdy and reliable connection.

Compatible with Lockfast Drain Rods, this plunger seamlessly connects to provide a comprehensive drain clearing solution. Simply attach the plunger to the drain rod and maneuver it within the pipe to target and remove blockages with ease.