30m Pro-Drain 3 Portable Drain Inspection Camera


Pro Drain 3 Portable Cameras

Introducing the CAM PRO-DRAIN 3, the latest model with enhanced features for effortless drain, pipe, and duct inspections. Built-in probe for easy cleaning, a convenient keyboard for information stamping, and an upgraded 6.8mm probe for added strength. The wide-angle, hi-resolution waterproof camera with a longer spring ensures access through tight bends. The mounted 30m cable reel allows easy operation without holding the reel. Enjoy a remarkable 6-hour battery life and the flexibility to record video and still images on a full-size SD card. Experience comprehensive inspections with sound recording capability for detailed assessments.

The CAM PRO-DRAIN 3 is the latest model and unlike many other units on the market this one comes with the probe built outside of the case, making it far easier to keep the monitor and other components clean and away from water. It offers a BUILT-IN KEYBOARD which makes it easier to stamp information onto your recordings, this model comes as standard with a 6.8mm upgraded thicker probe, which provides increased strength compared to the standard 5.2mm probe.

The WIDE ANGLE, HI-RESOLUTION WATERPROOF Camera also has a longer spring (Stainless Steel) camera body, giving it even more access through those tight pipe bends. The 30m Cable Reel on this latest model is Mounted outside of the case, the fibreglass rod can be fed out and back in without the need to hold the reel, making it much easier to use!

The PRO-DRAIN 3 Drain, Pipe & Duct Inspection Camera also has a far greater battery life than its predecessor, lasting up to a massive 6 hours. The unit can also be run on mains power and the battery can be recharged from either the mains or using the 12V Car Charger. It has been specifically designed for drain and duct inspections and comes with a 30m reel and the ability to RECORD Video or Still Images direct to a full size SD Memory Card.

This is ideal for showing clients / colleagues and for saving to client / job specific files on your PC or Laptop. Our drain and duct inspection camera also comes with the added benefit of being able to RECORD Sound, so that you can make your own comments regarding condition and meterage during the survey.


Available to View/Demo across multiple HCM Stores and via our 'On the Road' team. book via sales@hcmjetters.co.uk / 01928 568066

The priced cameras come ready to go with some charge, batteries in the wireless keyboard, SD card, Reader and charger.