3/8" HCM Maxi Plough Jet

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The HCM Maxi Plough Jet - HCM Manufactured Drain Jets

The HCM Maxi Plough Jet is the ultimate solution for efficient and thorough silt removal in drainage systems. Specifically designed for tackling silt buildup, this high-pressure jetting system utilize a plough-shaped nozzle to effectively dislodge and flush away sediment and fine particles. With its powerful water jets, The HCM Maxi Plough Jet ensures optimal cleaning of drain lines, preventing clogging and restoring proper flow. From stormwater drains to sewerage systems, The HCM Maxi Plough Jet is the go-to choice for professionals in silt management and maintenance. Enhance your silt removal operations with the reliability and performance of The HCM Maxi Plough Jet, and keep drainage systems flowing smoothly.

3/8" BSP inlet

Comes with 2 Rear 25deg nozzles / 1 Forward 0deg 2 Rear 25deg nozzles.

Please call 01928 568066 for nozzle availability