Gun, Lance, Quick Release Turbo & Quick Release Nozzle Set Bundle

Gun, Lance, Quick Release Turbo & Quick Release Nozzle Set Bundle
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A great package combining the quality of a Suttner economy gun and lance, Idrobase quick nozzles and a turbo nozzle. Easily change between nozzles using the quick release coupling provided. A nozzle holder and chart are also included. An extremely practical solution for the pressure washing market. Each nozzle has a different purpose, included is a black soap nozzle which is designed for pre-spraying detergents on all kinds of surfaces and for low pressure rinsing. The red blasting nozzle delivers a very concentrated stream of water, great for removing stubborn dirt and grime, although care should be taken on fragile surfaces. The yellow chiseling nozzle has a 15 degree spray range. The idea behind this nozzle is to use it at a 45 degree angle to the surface you are cleaning this then acts like a scraper to remove any dirt and grime. We also have a green flushing nozzle ideal for flushing dirt mud and grime away. Last but not least the white wash nozzle which is great for rinsing and moderate washing. This package also includes a turbo nozzle, which are extremely efficient when it comes to cleaning. By spinning the stream these nozzles can clean a wider area using a highly concentrated stream.

Why buy this package ?
1. Complete any task - Quickly switch between nozzles for the exact performance you need to complete any task.
2. Adjustable Performance - with a variety of nozzles switch from a light wash to a highly concentrated deep clean.
3. Easy storage - The kit comes with a wall mountable bracket to keep your nozzles tidy and safe from damage.

Max Temp:150°C

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