Gorilla Filler 500ml

Gorilla Filler 500ml
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Model:  SKU20700
Brand:  Gorilla

151 Gorilla Filler is the ideal solution to large cracks and holes in stone, wood, brick and metal. It expands on contact to fill any shaped gap and hardens to form an airtight weatherproof seal. Can be cut, sawn, painted or sanded.

How to Use:
Wear protective gloves when using.
Shake the can thoroughly.
Screw the nozzle to the outlet on the top of the can.
Turn can upside down and point the nozzle at the hole to be filled and press the trigger.
The foam will expand quickly and dry within 24 hours.
Any excess can be cut away with a sharp knife when dry.
After use clean nozzle with a pipe cleaner, cellulose thinners or nail varnish remover.
500ml can size.
Rapidly fills holes.
For interior and exterior.
Seals irregular gaps.
Excellent adhesion.
Expands over 40 times from can volume.
Suitable for domestic plastering and DIY tasks
Ideal for sealing and filling large cracks, gaps and holes in stone, wood, metal and brick.

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